7 Mental Blocks in the Way of Your Success

25 Mar 7 Mental Blocks in the Way of Your Success

True fact: YOU are in your own way. (Ouch. I know.)

You know what you want and you work toward it, yet you still can’t seem to get there. Likely, you have some mental blocks. Mental blocks are insidious and they live deep within. Usually they go wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay back. Perhaps even from your childhood. And now they’re just part of the fabric of our life.

Being successful is not just about your skills and talents, it’s also about believing in what your doing and overcoming limiting beliefs. If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t. These beliefe and blocks become part of our lives (like it or not!). We become so used to them that we fail to question them. We blindly accept criticism. We choose limitations.

Good news: We can also choose to UN-block! But first, you need to recognize mental blocks when they show up:

  1. Your self-doubt limites your ability to take action. Successful people tend to overestimate their abilities at first. However, studies have shown that these same people eventually grow to meet their expectations. Have the courage to believe that you are capable. You will prove yourself right.
  2. You refuse to get or accept help from others. Life is too short to learn everything and do it all yourself. You can find others that have already been successful in your field of choice. Seek these experts out and get the help you require.
  3. You think you lack the necessary education. The percentage of highly successful people who failed to complete high school is staggering. While a lack of education can prevent you from becoming a brain surgeon, it’s possible you already have all the education you require to be successful in other endeavors.
  4. You think your competitors are better than you are. Studies show that we tend to underestimate ourselves and overestimate others. You might be giving your competition more credit than they deserve! Check them out, take what you like, and either put your own spin on it, kick some ass, or just ignore them and get busy.
  5. You believe that your goals aren’t achievable. If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t. Be objective with your goals. Are they really too challenging? Or are you not really believing in yourself? It might be worthwhile to revamp your goals slightly until you feel more confident. You can always grow into your goals in the future.
  6. You’re afraid to see your truth. You may not want to discover your shortcomings. It’s easy to maintain a little hope if you stay on the sidelines. After all, maybe you really do have what it takes. You haven’t done anything to prove yourself wrong yet.   Get on with it, put your best foot forward and see what happens. The old adage: “Try and try again.” If you never get started, you will never know. Falling on your face is part of life. Just get up, dust yourself off, and do it again – this time differently. It may take many tries.
  7. You believe that you lack the necessary time and money. Great excuses are tools of those who lack commitment. Successful people have started from every possible starting point. Some were wealthy. Others were very poor and had to work multiple jobs just to eat.
  • You can get started without financial resources.
  • You can find time if you desire to do so.

Everyone has mental blocks. You’ll notice, however, your most successful acquaintances have the fewest mental blocks.

You have the power to succeed. Wrestle your mental blocks to the ground! Take stock and check yourself for the most common success blockers. Once you’re able to recognize them, you’re able to address them and get on with it.

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