Business Women Rock: Tina O

22 Mar Business Women Rock: Tina O

This month, I’m introducing you to the amazing Tina Overbury.  Everyone knows her as Tina O.  Recently, I was lucky enough to see her speak at a luncheon (ok… full disclosure… I personally arranged for her to speak there. Watching her do her thing is sooooo exciting.)

Tina’s laugh fills a room; her body can barely contain her. She speaks about Mindset, Soulset, Skillset, and Body. This quartet is at the core of everything she does. As she spoke, I looked around the room – the audience was so engaged. We all stood, spread our arms, reaching our as branches would, and the room lit up with joy. Just like Tina.

Tina is many things: she is the founder of Live Your Best Story, a network marketing coach, a writer and communicator, a hockey mom to 3 boys, and life-partner to a tall drink of water (her words though I concur) named Mr. Todd.

She is up front and totally open. She’s happy to admit that she didn’t always “get it”. It’s been a journey for her, like it’s been a journey for us all. She shares her ups and downs with those around her. She never preaches. And she always leaves you wanting more Tina O!

The way I see it, Tina tries to walk her truth everyday. Just like the rest of us, some days are better than others. She is a true example of how you can do more than one thing and write your story as you go.

Check out her blog and meet Tina O. She’ll make your heart sing!

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