Moms in business: You can have it all

13 May Moms in business: You can have it all

Moms who are businessowners walk a fine line every day. “Balance” is the goal. Not always the reality. There is a school of thought out there that great business owners cannot be moms and that moms cannot be great business owners.

This is bullshit.

We can be and we are!

Businessowning moms may not be “typical” mothers or business owners, but who cares? Typical is so boring.

Meet Angela, Sandra, and Julia: Three amazing businesswomen and mothers I admire.

Angela Benton is the CEO and founder of NewMe. Since launching NewMe, her company has accelerated over 300 startups, helping them raise $17 million in venture capital funding. She had her first child at 16 and has never slowed down. Recently in an article on, she said:

“Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurship is a ton of work. However don’t let the perception of this lifestyle count you out before you even count yourself in.”  

There is a great profile about Angela on The Every Girl.

Sandra Yancy had her first child while smack dab in the middle of corporate America. She struggled to make it work. So she did what any crazy, bold, brazen new mom would do: She started her own consulting company.

“I thought I could better manage the kinds of projects and the number of projects I took on so I could balance my life,” says Sandra. She ended up in Dallas and started networking. Before she knew it, she was the founder of a new female-focused business concept: eWomenNetwork.

Julia Hartz is the co-founder of Eventbrite. When asked how she balances career and being mom, she said:

I have learned, the hard way, how to ask for and receive help. It takes bravery to do this as we are somehow hard-wired to think we need to grin and bear all the burden of family, work, relationship, and personal well-being. It’s not noble, it’s suicidal! I have surrounded myself with loved ones and hired support to be able to run a company and be the best mom I can be. My life revolves around my babies: Eventbrite and two little girls at home. I also make sure to take time out with my husband, away from work, and with my family. That leaves not much time for friends or physical activity so those two areas are the ones that suffer at the moment”

Angela, Julia and Sandra are just three of thousands of women who prove that it is possible to be a great mom and a great businesswoman. It’s not easy, but whoa is it rewarding. Here are a few tips on how to be a mom and a business maven:

  1. Always think bigger.
    If you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t do it.
  2. Build in flexibility.
    Everyone is busy (that is another blog!). It’s important to build flexibility into your schedule. Can you work from home? Can you do a Skype meeting instead of a face to face?
  3. Make sure your technology supports you.
    Does your Internet work at home as well as at the office? Can you share documents from anywhere? The little things make a huge difference when you’ve got to juggle and be in three places at once.
  4. Make business about more than money.
    Believe in what you’re doing. Do not settle for simply monetary success; strive for fulfillment. If you are going to do be a mom and a businesswoman, the key to success is to have LOVE for what you are doing. So it’s worth it.
  5. Pass on the guilt. Guilt is gross. Toxic. It is not good for anyone. Be present in what your doing and who your with. Remember: quality over quantity. And cut yourself a break.
  6. Embrace the word No.
    You are allowed to decide what you want to do. You say No to the kids so you can also say No in your business. No makes way for the right Yes.
  7. Outsource work—at home and at the office.
    Is your time well spent cleaning your house or doing data entry? If not, give it to someone else!
  8. Create a network of working moms. They get it and get you. And, heck, we can all use a little support.
  9. Find what works for you.
  10. Screw what other people think. The only opinion that matters is yours. If you’re happy, then it’s all aces.

The Mompreneur challenge: Do not settle, ladies! Go for it all—and get it! Be an amazing mom and a kick-ass business owner. It can be done!!

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