Fuck fine in 3 ways

One-on-one Mentoring

You and me. We lay it ALL out on the table. What’s working and what’s not. Where you are now and where your want to be. Then we get you there.


  • 60-min bi-weekly calls
  • Homework
  • Best Year Group
  • Minimum 3-month commitment


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Best Year Workshops
Best Year Group

Best Year is the game-changing group/mastermind program for people who are:

  • Running a successful business yet feel unfulfilled.
  • Burning the candle at both ends with no sign of reprieve.
  • Itching for change, growth, something different.
  • Working hard but not really living. At all.
  • Feeling like the dream is slipping through their fingers.
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The Best Way

It is time for different.

You are successful yet don’t feel the way you thought you would.

You are stuck in FINE and want more.

It’s time for The Best Way!

The 5-part method for you to say goodbye to Fine and Step into Fabulous. It will take success to a new meaning – in your work and in your life.

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You can be you without a boob (or two)

One Boob Down is a coaching program for women who once had breast cancer (and breasts) and are now floating around in the cancer-free after feeling kinda lost in a boob-less life. Gina gets it. Because she is one boob down, too.

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Gina Best Business Coach
I’m Gina. I mentor business owners to be their best.

I don’t take any shit. But I used to. I also used to overcommit, ignore my feelings, work way too hard, and sweep elephants under rugs. It was detrimental to me and my business.


So I decided to get real, go after what I really wanted (which was WAY more fabulous than “just fine”.) Now, I run two successful businesses, am raising two wild boys, have strong friendships and networks, and I still have time for me. It’s pretty cool.

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Fine is not ok. Period.


Plateaus are boring in business and life. And you deserve better. We all do. Settling into comfortable is business suicide. Settling for fine is a life sentence to being unfulfilled. I know because I was “fine” for a looooong time before I said “Fuck it.” And telling that boring little F word where to go and choosing to take action was the best thing I ever did.


Fulfillment is sooooo much better than fine. Trust me.

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Or be ballsy and just call me: 604 340 3600