Best Year Group Mastermind

Group business coaching for entrepreneurs who want more. NOW.

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Best Year Group Mastermind

Best Year is the game-changing mastermind & business coaching program for people who are:

  • Running a successful business yet feel unfulfilled.
  • Burning the candle at both ends with no sign of reprieve.
  • Itching for change, growth, something different.
  • Coming out of 2021 and trying to figure out the next steps.
  • Feeling like the dream is slipping through their fingers.
  • Not achieving the goals they want to or not having goals.
    Not making enough money.

12 months of digging deep for lasting change.

Gina doesn’t believe that anything good comes with half-ass effort. So if you want your Best Year ever (you do), you’re going to have to commit to it and work for it.

You will be expected to:

  • Make a 12-month commitment. You’re invested all year long.
  • Attend a 2-hour group session once a month.
  • Check in mid-month.
  • Do your homework. Diligently.
  • Share your personal struggles, victories, lessons with the group. This is collaboration. We rise together.
  • Dance your face off in 12 months when you realize you did it. You had your Best Year, baby!

Here’s what you need to know:

You’re going to be talking about you.  You’ll present a specific challenge at every session. We’ll work through it as a group. And brainstorm our way to victory.  This is Teamwork. Participation is mandatory. Sharing is expected. Collaborating is how we reach clarity. You’re gonna make some good friends.

Expect Homework. You’ll have a challenge or activity that we talk about together as a group then complete on your own time. When we see you next month, you’ll be held accountable for it.

Facebook is our Forum. You’ll present a specific challenge at every session. We’ll work through it as a group. And brainstorm our way to victory. We will do weekly updates via our private Facebook group.

Your gonna get exclusive emails. You’ll receive bi-weekly emails, homework, insights, next steps, reading material, and more. They will be informational, inspirational and sometimes irritating (when I stretch you). If you’re embarking on Best Year, you’re on the list! Keep an eye on your email.

Monthly Q & A and venting calls. Sometimes you just need to run an idea or challenge or just vent – this is the form. It is here if you want to participate.

And Quarterly Coaching calls. Let’s talk, What do you need? These calls are to support you where you need it. They are all about you!

It’s time to do DIFFERENT!

Best Year Group Mastermind

$197 per month or 1 payment of $2297

Want to Chat about it first?

I get it: 12 months is a long commitment – it’s a big deal. Let’s talk it through.

Send me an email at and we’ll set up a time to chat about it. For free!

Meet Your Mentor: Gina

Meet Your Mentor: Gina Best.

Gina knows business. She co-founded and still runs a multi-million dollar mortgage brokerage. She’s also a mother to two wild boys. An ex-wife. A crossfit devotee (She deadlifts 400lbs. Whoa.). And recently, a warrior. She fought breast cancer in 2017 and won. So she knows a thing or two about running a business, a household, and a life in a storm.

She also knows how to have it all. Literally. Money in the bank. A healthy net at the bottom of the spreadsheet. And, most importantly, a lit up life. (‘Cause a successful business means jack shit if you’re not living your true desires in every aspect of your life.)

That’s why she created the Best Year program. It’s business coaching driven by a focus on the businessowner. The person and the life behind the biz. Because the business can’t thrive unless you thrive too.