23 Feb 3 Women Who Rock My World!

I know a lot of amazing businesswomen and I am going to start celebrating them. This month I want to introduce you to Kendall Ansell, Corry Staff, and Kim McMullen.

Kendall Ansell of Kendall Ansell Interiors is an amazing interior designer whose talent blows my mind, yet it isn’t just her designs that rock my world. Kendall’s ability to discover what “home” truly means to each of her clients is a gift. She has the ability to truly listen to each client’s needs then create a space where they feel safe, loved, connected, and supported. Essentially, she creates the “sigh of relief” you want to feel when you get home after a long day. That “thank goodness, I’m home” feeling.

For me, personally, coming home to a place that embodies me and that I love is an extraordinary gift.

Kendall rarely has a harsh word for anyone – even when her clients are not so great. She creates harmony in her life between the company she loves and her growing family. She recently told me that she’s working on “bringing out my inner bitch!” Yah! I love Kendall.

Corry Staff of Corry Staff Financial Group is a financial planner and so much more. She created a brilliant business called Cocktails and Cash – financial parties for women (though men are allowed too!)

When Corry is in the front of a crowd, she is mesmerizing. She engages and explains and clearly has fun doing it. She inspires confidence in women to rise up and take control of financial decisions. Many women think they are “stupid” when in comes to finances; Corry proves them wrong. She empowers others to take control of their money and their lives. And she does it by being entirely candid about her own journey (an up-and-down one). That authenticity is what draws you in.

Kim McMullen of Flipside Creative has a No-Jerk policy and she is true to it. Kim has one of the most amazing marketing minds I have ever seen and she has a heart like no other. She only takes on projects she believes in. She runs what she likes to call a “creative agency with heart”. I think that’s an understatement. Kim’s heart has taken her to great success; it’s also made her vulnerable to some pretty big challenges. Yet, she wouldn’t change a thing. When Kim believes in a project, a company, a person, or a cause, she is their cheerleader, support team, and biggest believer. When she is with you, she is with you.

You can see the amazing work she does at http://flip-side.ca.

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