Taking Stock…

Today I was in my closet, putting away laundry and decide to look at what I had hanging up. I moved things around and confirmed my belief I love a good hoodie.

This got me thinking about a lot of things – funny how it works – when we are doing chores, when we don’t have a lot of stimulation coming at us, we have time to think, listen to that inner voice and see things differently. Something a lot of us avoid or put off.

For me, this brought up getting back to basics, back to the things that I let slide – I would like to say it happened when the kids were home from school, that the role of mom, teacher, entertainer took all I had – which is true yet I also know that I started letting things slide long before that. Coasting comes to mind, yes, I have been coasting for a while (that pains me to admit).

This last week I did a 5-day workshop – an hour every day, it was great. I learned some new things, remembered what I know and got me excited. I actually worked on some of the worksheets yesterday and then this morning, why my youngest son sat next to me drawing I went back to some of my basics.

I dusted off my social plan – the plan that I use to use to have a blueprint of what I was doing. What kept me on task and doing what I wanted to do. I had let it go along the way. I had to ask why and of course the usual excuses came up, time, effort, life – yet there is more to it, and once I get to the bottom of it, I will share – that’s a work in progress.

We are human, and I genuinely believe we are doing the best we can. Most of us are reactive vs proactive, when COVID hit, a lot of use just reacted – who plans for a pandemic – lol. We did the best we could. Now, as things are slowly easing, change is happening, again and again, we react. Who knows what will happen – for now, we just have to be ok with that. It is out of our control; we have to let go of that for now – as a reforming control freak that is still hard.

What is in our control is switching from reactive to proactive. How – it is a great time to take stock of where we are, in business and life.

Ask yourself some questions:

  1. Have you let go of the things you need to do to propel you forward and for now just winging it?
  2. Are you coasting? If you are, that is ok if that is what you want to do.
  3. Was this going on before the lockdown – if so, why, why did you let things go?

I will admit, I do let life get in the way and let things go and then before I know it, I have let way, way too many things go, and I think WFT??? I have broken out my journal, and I am spending some time with it to find the answer. I have a few suspicions and digging into it.

So, for now, I am continuing to take stock and getting back to some of my basics. Not just my social plan, I even went into my schedule, deleted a lot of the old stuff and started fresh. I put in the things that I will do every day, and it felt terrific.

Have you taken stock lately? If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you do – it feels fantastic, and then you can make decisions about what you are going to do – proactive vs reactive.

And to be honest – when you know what you need to do, everyday life is more manageable.

If you need support with taking stock – reach out to me.

Life is not about being fine. #fuckfine

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