5 Ways to Play at Work

26 Apr 5 Ways to Play at Work

Fun and work – I know: these two words aren’t often seen together. We have all experienced stressed out work, crazy work, want-to-run-away-and-never-come-back work. It happens. But no matter what level the Stress-O-Meter is at, we must make sure to keep fun in our 9-to-5. Else, we’ll lose our minds.

Just because what we do is serious does mean we have to be serious all the time. This is one of my mantras for successful business. I do this in my marketing: I have fun. Because, heck!, life’s too short to be stiff and boring, friends! The more fun you have behind your desk, with your colleagues, with your clients, the less likely you’ll jump off the deep end when the going gets tough and the deadlines get impossible.

Some offices don’t allow “fun” to infiltrate their cubicle walls. Lame! My advice: get a new job. No one likes the Fun Police. If you can’t, find little ways to bring fun in anyway. The more fun you have, the more you’ll attract happy, like-minded people, and the better day you’ll have.

Get your office fun on!

  1. Eat lunch with the team. Everyone’s gotta eat! Leave your desk and ask your office mates to join you for some afternoon grub. If you work from home, Skype Lunch!
  1. Take a break and connect. Get up, walk about, connect with the team. A chat, a game, heck even a dance party! Just interact. The side bonus, it changes our mood.
  1. Stock good snacks. Have a snack stash for you and the team! It’s cheap and creates a focal point for conversation. It also keeps people really happy since they don’t have to run out and get something to snack on. (My clients love the fact I have good snacks and I break them out all the time!)
  1. Go green. Plants, tress, flowers not only bring in vibrancy and fresh oxygen, they also are proven to make people happy! They bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor which is great for those who sit long hours at a desk.
  1. Make your workspace a place you enjoy being. Even if you’re stuck in a cubicle, you can put up a picture or place a memento on your desk. Make your space yours. A little oasis of you.

Basically, don’t take yourself or your work too seriously. It’s just work! Remember to laugh, get up and stretch, or take a break outside. You actually are more productive if you love what you do and you’re having fun doing it!


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