Business Women Who Rock: Lisa McDonald

26 May Business Women Who Rock: Lisa McDonald

I’d like to share a story about a woman I met just over two years ago: Lisa McDonald. We were at a workshop together and spent some time off on our own away from the others whom we were sharing a house with. From the get-go, I noticed two distinct things about her: An infectious smile and an enthusiasm for life so present that you can literally feel it. At Lisa’s core is a rock solid belief in herself and equally rock solid love for her two amazing kids.

We were at this workshop to become Passion Test facilitators, which we accomplished. However, over the course of the weekend, we got to know each other better and started a friendship that I know that will be with us for the duration of our lives.

You see, Lisa is my “passion sister.” I knew from the moment we connected that there were great things ahead for her. And I was right!

Today, she is waiting for copies of her third book to arrive. When I met her in February 2014, she had no books. Holy progress! She also has a riveting chapter in a compilation book with International Bestselling Authors that will be released shortly.  Click here if you would like to purchase her books! 

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Lisa has also harnessed her voice and started a radio show on Contact talk radio called Carpe Diem.  It’s a personal empowerment program that she hosts every Friday. She aims wide and interviews guests who range from local celebrities and internationally renowned leadership experts to musicians and general folks who she deems amazing. Next week, she’s talking to Deepak Chopra. She has her sights set on Oprah and is making headway (She’s connected with O’s personal assistant. Not her personal assistant’s personal assistant!) She’s a ladder climber like I’ve never seen. This girl has tenacity like no one else.

Words are Lisa’s medium, on paper and over the airways.

Lisa also hosts a show on BBM Global Network called Living Fearlessly. On the show (as in real life) Lisa has balls of steel and doesn’t let anything stop her. She has drive and determination like no one I have ever met.

One time I asked her “How do you do it?”. Her answer “I just do.” She believes she can and that belief is unwavering. So she does. Her driving force is her kids. This momma is showing her children (and many, many others including me) how to believe in themselves and follow their passions—letting nothing get in their way.

Lisa journey has not been an easy one. She has worked hard—and authentically. When she got her first book, she sold it everywhere she went. She took a picture of everyone who bought one and thanked them personally. She is filled with gratitude for all that she has and all that is to come. She is humble and soft spoken at times. She shares herself and her story with those around her, making a mark in peoples hearts.

At Christmas last year, we spent a couple of hours on Skype catching up. Lisa was tired. She had a cold, her kids were out, she had a book deadline, and a huge to do list. She didn’t know how she would do it, yet she did. Did I mention that she is also a single mom? Holy shit, she rocks.

In Lisa’s words:

I am a staunch believer that no matter what the circumstance, the obstacle, or the hurdle, fortitude becomes a choice whether one consciously decides to exercise and implement it in their lives or not.

 At the core of all that, however, existed my inherent and fundamental belief in myself. Anyone can plough through a To-Do list. Achieving sustained organization, self-discipline, and connectedness is pivotal to manoeuvring oneself successfully is more difficult. More difficult still, but crucial to my particular success, is self-belief.

If and when people choose not to support you, or abruptly discontinue their presence in your life, these unfortunate circumstances, it’s important to remember, are happening to you and are outside of your control. It is THEN, and especially THEN, that you pull yourself together and get back on your game –FAST!—and regain that sense of control that seems to have been taken away from you.

This excerpt is from an article in Corportia Quartely .

I am in awe of what Lisa has accomplished. I am so excited to see what is next to come. And I am honored to be her friend and watch her take her journey. She is someone you should look for; she is doing amazing things.

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