Being Good to the Planet is Good for Business

21 Apr Being Good to the Planet is Good for Business

In celebration of Earth Day, I want to share some little things that can make a difference – to the planet and to business. Win-win!

When I first started my mortgage business, I purchased carbon credits to offset our footprint. I made choices to reduce my footprint – and my business’ footprint – in other ways: I drove a Smart Car; our family purchased a hybrid vehicle; we recycled like it was religion; I chose to package things less. Naysayers told me I was wasting money, time, and energy. That these were poor business decisions. I truly believe that every little bit helps. I’m a fan of the Do-What-You-Can philosophy.

You can do these things. I know you can!

  1. Switch to post-consumer waste products for printing, paper products and packaging. If you have to use paper, choose post-consumer.
  1. Go paperless. We only print if it’s imperative. Else, everything is digital.
  1. Use biodegradable cleaners. They’re better for the environment and better for the people. A no-brainer!
  1. Use LED lights. When the old ones burn out, replace them with LEDs. You’ll save money in the long run and be nicer to Mother Nature while you’re at it.
  1. Drink tap water. (OMG – I know!) I keep a jug on my desk and refill it. It just makes sense.
  1. When we moved into our new building, they did not have a recycling program. So I personally ordered bins and we rallied all tenants to participate. Don’t sit; act!

It’s Earth day – be part of the problem or part of the solution. (I highly recommend the latter.)


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