How to be unliked

13 Jul How to be unliked

Here’s the reality: not everyone is going to like you. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea and guess what — that’s ok. You don’t have to like everybody, so why would you expect that everyone else is going to like you?


The tricky part is that when you find out someone doesn’t like you, it bruises your self-confidence. You start to question, “why don’t they like me? I’m a good person and they should like me.” Maybe you take it a step further and you start changing your behaviour in an attempt to change that person’s mind.


I’ve been there. I know you have too. And to that I say this: get a grip on yourself. Screw it! It’s ok if people don’t like you. As long as you like you, that’s what counts. I’ve heard lots of people say, “don’t worry about what other people think.” Yet I know that deep down, most of those people are worried to an extent. So how do you learn to walk the talk? How do you hold onto your self-confidence when you’re surrounded by haters and naysayers?


  1. Be true to you. Don’t listen to the voice in your head saying you’re not amazing. Shut it down (I’ve been caught physically shaking my head for no apparent reason —that’s me telling my little voice to shut it).


  1. Don’t take things so personally. Chances are, the people who don’t like you are actually jealous of you. Remember this. Don’t allow another person’s negativity diminish your self-confidence.


  1. Turn the other cheek (you know, like the saying). This isn’t easy, I know. But do yourself a favour and don’t engage with this person. Move on, it’s not worth your time.


It can be challenging to stay true to you when others don’t agree. Just follow these tips, stand your ground and keep being awesome!

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