Structure sets me free

Structure sets me free

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It’s a rainy weekday morning, and I am having coffee on my deck. This is where I have my quiet time. During the week, I get up 30 minutes before the kids. I do it so I can have my time. It is crucial for me; it prepares me for the day.

This week I had my boys. Even though we started joint custody in June, this feels like the first week we have settled – school is back, sports are in place and routines are being formed. Structure sets me free, and that is true for the kids as well.

A Framework to Thrive

Structure: so many of us fight it, especially those who are self-employed. Freedom is what we crave, and the idea of structure instantly makes us nervous. For me, it used to get my fighting mode up. “ No one gets to tell me what to do with my time!” Oh, how far I have come!

This applies to time and activities. It simplifies everything.

Structure gives us a framework to operate in. It is not made of a shell, but more like elastic material – think spandex. It can be stretched a little to suit us. An example of how structure molds to fit my needs is that I am now doing office days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The weeks I have the boys I leave earlier than the weeks I don’t I spend more time there.

When you feel out of control, overwhelmed or unmotivated, structure can really help.

When you feel out of control, overwhelmed or unmotivated structure can really help.

Five Tips to get you started

  1. Break it down. I am not saying to structure you life (you can if that is what you need), just start with bite size chunks. Break your work day down. Break it into chunks in your calendar and write what the time is for.
  2. When doing activities just do that one. No more multitasking. If you are working on something stick to that.
  3. Close down your email and your social media. This makes a huge difference. You don’t constantly need check it.
  4. When work is done, be done, put it away. Be present with your kids, your partner, and with yourself.
  5. Put your phone away – take time away from it. Unless you are on call for your job. Remember we functioned before having phones all the time!

These may be simple points, yet they are sooo effective and yes they are the World According to Gina. Here’s the deal, if your life isn’t what you want, only you can chance it and these are some tips that really work!

Life is not about being fine. #fuckfine

If you would like support in any way just reach out to me.

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